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Sacraments are outward and visible signs of invisible and spiritual grace. They mark what God has done for us and is doing in us. Sacraments and sacramental rites also often mark what important stages in our lives, pointing to God’s presence across our lives. 


In baptism, God adopts us as children and makes us members of Christ’s Body, the Church, and inheritors of God’s kingdom. Babies, children, and adults are welcome to receive the sacrament of baptism at St. Andrews. If you are interested in baptism at St. Andrews, please contact one of the clergy.

Baby Baptism Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony


In marriage, the union of two people is blessed by God and witnessed to by the Church. Normally, one or both parties are members of St. Andrew’s, or wish to become members. If you would like to be married at St. Andrew’s, please contact one of the clergy.

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Christian burial finds its meaning in Easter and the promise of resurrection. The liturgy for the burial of the dead is marked not only by space for grief, but also joy in the assurance that not even death can separate us from God’s love. If you are interested in a funeral at St. Andrews, please contact one of the clergy.

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