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At St. Andrew’s, we don’t just talk about servant ministry, we strive to live it. For some of us, servant ministry is already an integral part of our daily lives, such as when we care for our very young or very old families. Most of us are able to find some time to give to our parish ministries or community ministries, which is an opportunity to do God’s work in a way that is spiritually nourishing to everyone involved.


You are welcome to join us on a continuing or occasional basis in these parish ministries.


St. Andrew’s Outreach Ministries has established relationships with several community organizations. We support these ministry partners in various ways:

  • Providing volunteers and supplies for activities sponsored by St. Andrew’s or the organization

  • Providing volunteers on a continuing basis

  • Collecting donations of products that they need

  • Providing financial support


For scheduled Outreach events and activities, see The Weekly Update.


Our local ministry partners include:

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For more information, contact:

Arthur Noonan

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East End Cooperative Ministry

Treasure House Fashions

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neighborhood academy_edited.jpg


We also support two international ministries:

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