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As the Magi were changed following the revelation of the Christ child, so we believe that Christ calls us to be a vital presence in a changing world, fortified by the Holy Spirit. All are welcome and accepted as we commit our lives to answering Jesus' call through worship, prayer, and working together to reflect God's love for us, and our love for God.

We gratefully embrace the knowledge that everything we have comes from God. From that foundation, the Christian practice of stewardship unfolds and grows among us. The first disciples who gathered in community around Jesus were taught to be wise stewards of their gifts and resources. We seldom need to be reminded that it is in giving that we receive.



By tradition and practice, a majority of members make an annual financial commitment by pledging on Saint Andrew’s Day each November. Pledges allow parish leadership to build and monitor the annual budget.

Our annual pledge campaigns include convenient pledge cards that become part of a ritual on Saint Andrew’s Day, but pledging can be as simple as emailing the finance office.  In your email, write the amount you wish to pledge and whether you will send your pledge weekly, monthly or yearly.


Saint Andrew’s makes it convenient to fulfill your pledge or make occasional extra gifts: through the collection plate passed at every service, online giving, bank transactions, or planned giving.

Checks or Cash

Each Sunday morning, we collect an offering during the services.

Checks may also be mailed directly to the church, marked to the attention of the Finance Office.  St. Andrew's address is 5801 Hampton Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206-1615

Online Giving

You can set up a one-time gift or a recurring (weekly or monthly) donation online.

  • Vanco:  set up an account and arrange for a donation through a debit or credit card

  • PayPal: arrange for a donation from your bank account or credit card.

Bank Transactions

You can arrange for your bank to send a check directly to St. Andrew’s on a one-time or recurring basis. St. Andrew’s does not pay a fee for this type of transaction, but does pay a small fee for credit card, debit card, or PayPal transfers.

Planned Giving and Other Gifts

The St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Finance Office offers assistance with stock gifts, estate planning and memorials to the church.  For more information, please contact the Parish Administrator at or 412-661-1245, ext. 304

Online Giving
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