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St. Andrew's Rector Search

St. Andrew’s has been blessed to have only needed to call three rectors in the last 60+ years of its 184-year history.  Now it is time to begin the process of calling our next Rector, both for today and for an ever-evolving future.

We, the Discernment Committee of St. Andrew’s, hope that these pages will serve as an information portal to our search.  Our desire is for you to be kept up-to-date on our process, and progress, in a way that is both informative and transparent.

Please join us on this journey and keep the committee and our search in your prayers.

Your Discernment Committee members are:

Jodie Moore, Chair

Shawn Brooks, Ex-Officio

Rachael Kelley

Thatcher Montgomery

Chuck Reynolds

Laurel Roberts

Wes Rohrer

Steve Stagnitta


1 / Getting Started

  • Select Discernment and Parish Profile Committees — complete

  • Meet with Bishop — complete

  • Distribute Parish survey — complete

2 / Self-Study
  • Church members complete survey — complete

  • Survey results analyzed and compiled — complete

  • Schedule and hold listening groups Sept. 10-21 — complete

  • Develop and publish Parish Profile — complete

3 / Preparing
  • Discernment Committee completes the Community Ministry Portfolio — complete

  • Profile and Community Ministry Portfolio are sent to Vestry and Bishop’s Office for their blessing — complete    

  • Rector position is posted — complete

  • The Bishop’s Office also spreads word of the opening throughout the diocese and The Episcopal Church — Ongoing

4 / Discernment
  • Receive applications—Complete

  • Identify prospective rector candidates—February 13-March 8, 2024

  • Pray a lot and volunteer to help where possible!—Always!

  • Interview select prospective candidates—March 8 and on...

5 / Call: With God’s Grace—Late Spring/Summer 2024
  • With approval from the Bishop, recommend 1-2 candidates to Vestry for selection

  • Senior Warden calls the chosen candidate to be our next rector

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Together We Thrive

We start each meeting with the following prayer:

Almighty God, look graciously on the people of St. Andrew’s.  Be with us and lead us as we seek the next rector for our church community.  We ask your direction and guidance for those who will choose our new spiritual leader, that we may receive a faithful and visionary pastor who will care for us, equip us for our ministries, and call us into the future.  Bless us with mutual trust, respect, and foresight, so that, together, we may hear your voice in all our deliberations. Bless us also with the desire and the ability to hear those who have entrusted us with this responsibility.  Grant us the courage to respond and to act as you would have us.

Come Holy Spirit.  Amen

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